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Billaway’s SHAREgo™ Keyboard Overview

Harnessing the power of personal conversation…

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Billaway’s SHAREgo™ Keyboard is a patent-pending keyboard plug-in that works with any mobile keyboard on any phone. Consumers download the app to upload Brand images and promotional offers into any text message, messaging app, social post or email.

Billaway’s SHAREgo™ Keyboard leverages the popularity of messaging to provide brands a media platform that is guaranteed to increase engagement. Everyone with the SHAREgo™ Keyboard installed on their mobile phone becomes an instant influencer for your brand.

For any company introducing their customers to the SHAREgo™ Keyboard receives a free loyalty program that is easy and engaging for your customers and generates reward money that is spent back with you and at no cost to you.

Our Clients

An ideal solution

SHAREgo™ Keyboard is an ideal solution for any company with a large base of consumers and is seeking innovative ways to engage their customers.

Mobile Operators / Cable Providers / Utilities

Subscribers can earn credits towards their monthly bill when they share their favorite brands and offers.

Mobile Wallets / Prepaid Cards

Account and cardholders can earn free cash for their accounts when they share their favorite brands and offers.

Political Campaigns / Non-Profits

Make it easy for your supporters to share the latest news and distribute fund raising links to their friends and family.

Messaging is the most used service on a mobile phone globally


% of 18-34 yr. olds get messages daily


% of messages are read in 3 minutes


% of messages are read within an hour


% of messages are read eventually